Holiday Styling Tips for Children

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to show off your child’s beautiful locks in a bold new style.

Generally, I style my child’s hair in protective hairstyles that do not require the use of hair products that contain alcohol. Alcohol can tend to be very drying.

Also, especially since she is only four, I am careful to stay away from styles and products that pull at her delicate edges.  I tend to stay away from tight buns or styles with a lot of tension because they can damage her hair follicles.

I enjoy the process of making my princess feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. So personally, I love to see her hair in twists, loose buns, stylish Bantu knots, as well as pretty ponytails and braids. She has very thick, full hair, so her hair tends to look good in these styles.

For the holidays, I like to add a bit of sparkle to her everyday styles, and there are a couple of products that I rely on to bring out her personality such as small scrunchies, stylish barrettes, and larger scrunchies if I style her hair in a single puff or bun.

I protect her hair at night by using satin-lined sleep bonnets and during the cold winter days, I use satin-lined knit hats to protect her not only from the weather but to protect her hair as well.

I prefer to use the hair accessories, winter hat, and sleep bonnet collections from Cocoa Like Me.